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Children meet with contractor to give plastic packaging the push.

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Making a change to our school lunches.

The children’s enthusiasm over decreasing our dependence on plastic has been impressive.

Some children in year 5 have been proactive and taken steps to become activists and make a change. Three children in particular: Dylan Militon, Fraser Garrett and Daniel Scofield brought forward ideas to reduce the use of plastic at lunchtimes.

They found that plastics were used unnecessarily by Herts Catering, particularly in the Deli.

Wrapping/plastic bags for puddings, cakes, biscuits and fruit on the deli service

- these are not necessary

- they are hard to open

- rubbish may be left outside

They had a meeting with Jo Daymond, the Contract Manager for Hertfordshire Catering Limited on October 9th.

These items were initially served in bags as the service was designed to be a grab and go style service, however the majority of the pupils eat in the dining area so it is not necessary to wrap items individually. Due to the efforts of these boys, dishes for puddings and fruit which are reusable are now used daily, vastly reducing the school's single use plastic footprint.

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